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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT? Answer: Payment services for transfer money accepted: Western Union, Skrill (Moneybookers), PayPal, MoneyGram, Neteller... Question: DO YOU HAVE LONG TIME MEMBERSHIP, AND WHAT ARE THE PRICES? ARE THERE MORE BENEFITS? Answer: Yes. We can give you better deal if you are interested in buying minimum three months of premium picks. Question: CAN I REQUEST FREE TRIAL TIPS? Answer: To ensure all our paying members are treated with respect, we  provide some free tips, but that is rare. 90% of those who request free trial tips do not have intentions to puchase tips. So we rather take good care of those who apprechiate our services! Question: DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL SOFTWARE FOR YOUR TIPS? Answer: No, everything you need is just an Internet connection and e-mail account. If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to Contact at anytime. Question: CAN YOU GUARANTEE ME A PROFIT? A: Only death and taxes are certain in life, but our record speaks for itself, and we're pretty confident that we can provide you some profit. Question: HOW MANY TIPS WILL I RECEIVE?  A: You will recieve mostly one tip daily, and 2 or more tips on promotional days. Question: I'VE SUBSCRIBED TO OTHER SERVICES WHICH LET ME DOWN. WHAT MAKES YOUR SERVICE DIFFERENT?  Answer: We spend a lot of time on our system to ensure that profits can be acheived, and our proofed results will tell you whether we are any better than the rest. Question: CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH RECENT STATISTICS?  Answer: Yes, please click here. Question: MY QUESTION IS NOT ANSWERED HERE?  Answer: Again, no problem, just contact us and we'll get back to you a.s.a.p.